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American Governor Live-Out in Kazakhstan Ref. FTAMASH005


Fantastic new offer for an American Governor to work in Kazakstan from 1250 USD per week – long-term contract!

We are looking for an active, enthusiastic American Governor to work for 5 days a week with 12 years old twins: a boy and a girl in Almaty Kazakstan. The children go to an international school and the Governor will therefore need to assist them with all their subjects as they are taught in English. The main responsibilities are education-related and extracurricular activities, no caring duties are required! The family are looking for someone who has experience either working in a family or previous teaching experience. Teaching qualifications and degrees are relevant for this role. The contract on offer is for 1 year in Kazakhstan and then the family will move to Boston, USA, and the governor will be offered to continue work with the family there. The working hours are 15:00 – 21:00 with a fantastic salary of 1250 USD per week on offer. Live-out accommodation is provided.




• Helping with homework in all subject areas – all subjects are taught in English

• Teaching through play

• No caring duties involved!!

• Walks, games, activities

On offer:

• Salary from 1250 USD per week

• Separate accommodation

• Flights and visas paid for

• Paid holiday 4 weeks


• Native English speaker from the USA (preferably from Boston)

• Male, 30-40 years old

• Teaching degree/certificate of any form will be considered

• A minimum of 5-10 years teaching experience/ working with a family

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